Izabela Trojanowska about the inauguration of the association


On 25th November we said inaugural ‘Hello’ to the world!

We’re happy to announce that Association Little Things is officially running and helping outcast people from local community. We thank all Sponsors, Guests and Donors of the happening. Without you Great Hearts charity ball wouldn’t come true.

Here we pass a link to the interview with Izabela Trojanowska, singer and supporter of the association.


Association Małe Rzeczy

  • ul. Staropoznańska 131-133
    88-100 Inowrocław
  • Phone: +48 669 506 038
  • E-mail: biuro@malerzeczy.org

KRS: 0000673917
NIP: 5562768594
Regon: 367184599
Date of registration: 2017-04-28

Contact for Media

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